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Youth Mentorship

Leadership. Discipline. Integrity. Fitness. Resiliency. Self love.



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Frankey speaks passionately about his journey as well as lessons learned in overcoming adversity and triumphantly taking life on. After a share from Frankey, you will want to do the same!

1 on 1 guidance

Dive into creating new results in your life on an empowering journey with yourself, guided by Frankey. Explore what’s possible in rewriting your story and recreating yourself!

Leadership Academy

An experiential and empowering leadership program for youth ages 14-19 to explore their potential! Let’s build our leaders of tomorrow, today!

YOGA & reiki

A relaxing healing modality experience used to support in reducing stress and anxiety, as well as nourishing the mind and body. Book a session and enjoy!


Surround yourself with like-minded individuals in a small intimate setting in order to improve your desired outcomes in life!


My childhood dream was to save the world. As I have grown older, that vision has evolved into understanding that although I cannot save the entire world, I can save my own world.


I found my purpose in helping others overcome their own demons to create the change they seek in their lives. I take a special interest in coaching youth, instilling in them important values such as discipline, kindness, health, and purpose; and ultimately supporting their development into upstanding young men. 


"My mission is to provide a safe space for others to heal, unlearn outdated ways of being, and transform into the highest versions of themselves."




Abot Me


Frankey Renaud is a retired CFL athlete, a graduate of the University of Windsor in the Kinesiology program and an alumni of Forster Secondary school out of the west-end in Windsor, Ontario. After spending 7 years from the age of 12 to 19 with the Royal Canadian Army Cadets, where he earned many accolades in musical arts and amongst his peers, Frankey took his talent for high achievement onto the Gridiron.

He rose to become one of the best linebackers in the province and country on his way to being invited to the East-West Bowl event tin 2015 hosted for players in their 3rd year of eligibility. It was at this event that Frankeys career was put on the line when he suffered a torn ACL and his playing days were subsequently put on the shelf for the year. During this time off, he discovered a passion for entrepreneurship which led to the creation of his current business, Gridiron Boys.


Frankey was drafted to the CFL in 2016 and spent his time with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers where he was once again injured in his right knee with a torn ACL. After isolating himself during his recovery, Frankey suffered in silence and eventually underwent a challenging experience in October of 2018 where he was admitted to the mental health unit at a Winnipeg hospital and diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

After a long and difficult journey, Frankey has risen above his demons. He speaks passionately about mental health, practices reiki, and provides coaching, leadership and growth-training as well as mentorship and support to youth and adults alike. His mission in his life has been to aid in building a world of strong men and women with a focus on creating a safe space for all to express themselves and heal from any mental health challenges they may face.

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